Sunday, 8 May 2016

Quick Write ~ The Last One

“The winner will take everything, success, satisfaction and the world”
The buildings tumble and crash; I look around in horror at what I have created.

The sound of smashing glass gets louder and I know Apollo is there. I glance behind me, but only seeing the silhouette; I can tell Apollo is there.

Everything has come down to this; whatever happens leaves the fate of the world. Not knowing what to do, I rush to the remains of an abandoned traffic jam. I knew that hiding place won't last long, but I had a short period to think. My heart raced as if it was being chased by a deadly mythical creature, soon he was in front of me.
“Do I surrender?”
I fled to the other end of the car, and I attempt to lift it up; the wheel left the ground, the old car flips over; Nearly swishing my enemy. Luckily for him he darted out of the way.

Only having a few seconds, I threw a punch aiming for his nose; I missed and attempted a punch to the neck. I hit him but Apollo got even angrier, and kicked my shin, my stomach and my shoulder; I feel down like a dead tree and landed onto cracked concrete and he pushed me into a deep hole on the road.

I landed in soggy mud and damp grass. I’m out cold. I don't know but maybe seconds, maybe hours, maybe even days; I finally woke up, but only to see half my skin shredded off my arm; revealing my bionic arm, I had no idea I was partly bionic. This is my secret advantidge.

Slowly lifting myself out, the Cracked, Rocky edge of the hole. I was covered In cuts, Bruises and scars, I looked like an old crispy raison.

I finally started my final quest to find, beat and destroy my nightmare of a person. Someone so brutal, that he took down everyone in the world; But me, that’s how I got into this dilemma but i’m going to get out with a successful outcome.

I suddenly approach Apollo. He doesn't realize I'm alive, He must think he won; But it’s not over now, i’m not ready to give up this just yet.

The final fight is about to go down.
“Well, Well, Well, Who do we have here?”
Apollo says as he carefully turns around.
“It’s not over yet!”
I yell in anger
We sprint to each other as if we were in a running race, We stop in a rush and he grabs my leg and throws it to the ground, I fall with it. I remember my bionic arm and I swing a punch aiming for his nose, but this time I don’t miss Apollo; His nose starts bleeding and he falls to the ground, I get up, proudly and start kicking him and doing whatever I can to win.
Apollo screams and anger and looks at me with his beat up face! I smile and walk away, leaving him there.

It’s now over, I have won; I have won Success, Satisfaction and the world.

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