Sunday, 19 June 2016

Science Inquiry ~ Essay

Right now you're probably feeding your cat milk, but stop! Because cats are most likely lactose intolerance, but before you start feeding them anything else you should know that cats can’t taste sweetness. There are still lots about cats we don’t know, so I have looked into this interesting topic, and found unbelieveable information that I thought was to good to forget!

There are many breeds and they are all unique and different.
Most common breeds are:
Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Birman, Maine Coon, Oriental, Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese and Sphynx.

Even though cats are super common, doesn't mean that all breeds are common.
Least common breeds are:
California Spangled, German Rex, Napoleon, Minskin, Ojos Azules, Sokoke, Serengeti, Burmilla, Kurilian bobtail and  peterbald.   
But how many breeds are there?

Altogether there is 52 cat breeds, My favorite is a munchkin cat.
Even though they have short legs they are still long on fun! Munchkin cats are very playful just like any other cat. Other than their short legs they resemble a cat, Munchkins can have a long coat or a short coat. Because of their small legs they only weigh 5 - 9 pounds. Sometimes Munchkins are sometimes called Magpies because they love shiny things.

What is your favorite breed?


A kitten starts playing and running at the age of 7 weeks, But if your cat is a Egyptian Mau, then It has lots more capabilities. The fastest domestic cat is the Egyptian Mau, Its top speed at 30 mph or 48 km/ph. The reason the Egyptian Mau can run faster than other cats is because it has a flap of skin near its belly that allows it to stretch out further while running.


Do you think a Dog’s Senses are better than a cats?

Dogs have a better sense of smell than cats, but a cat’s sense is 15 times better than us humans. Also a cat’s eyes are very powerful because they can see in low-light situations much better than humans. Cats have better sight at night because they have a few extra layers that can reflect light, letting them see better than most other animals. Strangely, cat’s actually see worse than humans during the daytime. Us Humans Think we can see all the colours there are to see, but we don’t know that for sure, but cats don’t see as much colours has us, they see onlybrowns, blues and yellows.

Even though their colour vision isn't the best, cats have Extraordinary ears, they can hear high pitched sound that humans can’t hear. Infact cats can even hear better than dogs.
Dogs and Cats can discriminate sounds much better than we can, between tones and pitches. One way cats use their ears, they can use their senses to pin-point prey, also each ear can swivel and turn individually which would help hunt for pray also.

Cats have Amazing senses but taste isn’t one of them, Taste is the weakest sense of a cat. Cat’s can’t even taste sweetness, They don’t seek out for salty food either because they get all the salt from their daily meaty food. The reason for this is because cats have a lot less taste buds than dogs and humans. A cat's Whiskers helps a lot in a daily life of a cat, Other than paws cats use their Whiskers to feel if they can fit into small or large spaces.


The cat bone structure allows it to twist with part of the body going in an opposite direction to the other. Also cats have a loosely jointed wrist.
On average cats have around 244 bones, 29 of those are in the thick skull of a cat, and 19-28 of those 244 are in the Vertebrae. But a tailless cat has fewer than 5 bones in their tail. Even though cats have 244 bones, none are in the ear but it does have 32 muscles. cat’s ears are not bones they are called the pinna which is the skin and fur you see.

Even though cats can seem harsh and mean, but they still need love and support from us humans! They are very sensitive creatures and deserve the same love and respect, like the respect we give each other.
“What greater gift than the love of a cat” ~James Herriot

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