Thursday, 12 February 2015

my writing

---------------The Forrest----------------
One lonely day in the 1960's there was there was a little boy called Jimmy who had an older sister called Kelly they were going to live with their grandparents because they were sad at their parents house all they did was work on their families small farm and they hardly ate anything so their parents made them live with their parents. Jim and Kelly had to walk through a Forrest just to get their grand parents house... until "Kelly... whats that sound" Jimmy said in a fighting tone "I have no idea" Kelly said and she slowly turned around and suddenly looked up to they sky and saw three hawks flying around in a circle above them Jimmy was about to run but the hawks flew right at them Jimmy and Kelly started Running the hawks attacked them because Jimmy have a some bread in his pocket... TO BE CONTINUED...

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  1. I can't wait till you publish the rest of the story on your blog
    You stopped weighting at the most exciting part