Thursday, 12 February 2015

Saint Dominic

                             St Dominic

In 1170 Dominic was born in Castile in Spain. Dominic was apart of the Guzman family and Dominic's mother was a holy woman- Blessed Joan of Aza. 
At the age of 7 Dominic started school. Dominic's uncle  was a priest who guided Dominic through all of his school years and after the years of studying for school, then Dominic became a priest too. 
Dominic was living a silent life of prayer and obedience with other great priests. 
Dominic started a new religious order, "The Order of Dominicans". 
St Dominic went on a trip through the south of France. Dominic saw people teaching others about things that were not true. 
Dominic told people to be humble. St Dominic was a great preacher but st Francis was a humble beggar. They were really close friends. 
On August 7 1221, st Dominic sadly died. 

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