Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Language Feature Goal Term One Week Seven

Ok, it's 1.00pm on this sunny afternoon and the mail should be here, so I go outside and step down the stone-made steps and walk across the grass to my shiny red mailbox. I open the mailbox door and get out the mail and flick through it... and what I see hiding behind the sports magazine is a picture of me sitting in the park! I sent this picture to the photographics place so they can put some affects on it, but its not the affects I wanted, because you cant see me AT ALL!!! All you can see is floating clothes and a pair of lacy black gloves holding my favourite book- yes, The Wizard of Oz!
Anyway, I call the photographics place and tried to complain but all they said was............ nothing, nothing at all!  But, to be honest it's kinda funny, I might as well keep it!

My goal was to use more descriptive language in my creative writing. I have achieved this by using words such as "shiny, floating, lacy".

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