Thursday, 12 March 2015

Run, Boy, Run

This is a book written by Uri Ordev

This sad story is about an intelligent eight year old boy who faced the war, World War 2 in 1939 until 1945. 
The boy is named Srulik Frydman. He was a brave Jewish child who was in danger because the Nazis' were after him. 
The lonely orphan himself was living through tragedy. 
In this book Srulik says hes not Jewish and goes my the name Jurek Stanik and loses his arm and learns how to do everything with only his left arm. 
The war ended when he was fourteen, six years of his life had been spent living in misery and hunger. 
When he grew up, he lived in Israel and found his surviving sister with help from Pani Rappaport. 
When he moved to Israel he changed his name to Yoram. 

This man is very intelligent, strong, resilient and courageous. 
Today this hero would be eighty-four years old.

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  1. A fantastic character description Georgia- spot on! Ka Pai