Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Holidays

In my holidays I did many things, but two of the best things were- one, going to Cushla's house for a sleepover, and two, having Dawn over for the afternoon.
When I went to Cushla's house it was really fun. We played a game on the computer and on her Ipad, and we made random videos. In the morning we went outside and played with frost and ice. The ice was very solid and thick, and we put a lot of weird things together, and made a weird substance with it. We put frost, grass, sand and flowers together, and we don't know why we did it, but it was fun anyway. After a few days, my mum asked me if I wanted to invite Dawn over, and of course I said yes. So the next day me and my mum drove into town and picked Dawn up. When we got home, we drew some pictures and then we decided to go down to our pond since we can walk on it because of the ice frozen on top. My two sisters, Emma and Sophie wanted to come as well. As we walked down to the pond, I told Dawn that we can walk on the ice and Dawn seemed pretty surprised. When we got there we started to walk on it then we got some sticks and tried break the ice with the sticks. I grabbed a big rock and dropped it on the ice, it did break the ice and there was a massive hole in the ice! Since we have another pond, we walked to it and we found frozen tree branches in the ice. We walked on the tree branches. After we got bored at the second pond, we walked to the river, since we do live very close to a river. We weren't there long, because it's quite boring. When we got home we had to take Dawn home. I'm happy to be back at school though!

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