Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Weekend Post!

On Saturday I went to Josh's 11th birthday party. When I got there all I could see was Mine Craft stuff, there was mine craft food, mine craft posters and even a life sized mine craft creeper! We played games while we were waiting for other people to get there. We played a game where you had to blow up a balloon but not tie it and as we were blowing the balloons up Josh's mum came around and wrote our names on the balloon so we would know witch one is ours. When Josh's mum said "go", we let go our balloons and whoever's balloon got the closet to the target on the ground won. Nisha won first, then when we did it again Josh's little sister Maykala let go of her balloon first and it was so far away from the target, but she won a prize anyway, for the furthest away! When everyone was there we had afternoon lunch and of course is was Mine Craft themed- it was very delicious!
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