Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Book Review - 26 story treehouse

26 storey treehouse
This book is the prequel of “The 13 storey Tree House”. The 26 Storey Tree House is written by Andy griffiths and is illustrated by Terry denton.This book includes new tasks for the boys to get through. At the start of the book Terry dropped his underpants into the shark tank to clean them, but the sharks eat the underpants and get badly ill, so Terry tells Andy, and Andy gets Jill to save the sharks. But Jill has to do “Aquapunture” (<- shark pun). Terry and Andy start talking about their pasts and how they met. This series is easy and quick to read but has little good describing words and is way too silly, but is good for a quick read.

Nothing in this book stood out to me, it was still really easy to read so its good for a quick read. Honestly it is to silly for my taste but i see why other children my age will like this book.

Obviously the creators of this series is trying to make it a comedy and an outrageous book for kids of all ages to read just for fun. There was no real message in this book, its just random the whole way through the book.

I would recommend this book for kids of all ages with a spontaneous and immature personality. This book has no specific gender so it’s enjoyable for girls and boys.

by Georgia     

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