Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Highlights of Term 3

Highlights Of Term 3
Term 3 was very challenging but I enjoy challenges;
during term 3 we did lots of art, including sharpie, dye, collage and pastel. I've also enjoyed cross country, I even got into North Otago's; but I didn't go because it was in Dunedin and I thought it was a bit far for a ten minute race.

There were many challenges, but one main one for me was working in loud environments with people distracting me. But now I have moved to Elite Special Forces, so I will be able to go and work in quiet spaces by myself. Another challenge for me was working in groups because I found it difficult to just work together and concentrate.

Throughout this term i've learnt many things like making mixed numbers and turning them into improper fractions. I’ve also learnt lots of things about my chosen career as Interior designer for my career studies inquiry.

I can’t wait for term 4 and what remains because we are going to be working closer with the year 7’s.

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