Monday, 30 November 2015

E.O.T.C week

First we did a mini master chef and we had groups of three or four, in my group I had Cushla and Molly. First one of out team members had to get a number out of a hat and that decided what we had to make, we got number 5 and we had to make apricot truffles. We had to work as a team to make them and we got points for teamwork, after we made the truffles we made our smoothie! I really enjoyed making the smoothie and it tasted really good so it payed off!
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On Tuesday we walked to the waitaki girls gym and the park across the road and we did some team activities and games, my favorite game was the one where we got tubes and a small ball and we had to get the ball to a pink cone without the ball touching the ground. After the games we split into two groups; the first group got to go rock climbing first and the second group played games like cricket and we went on the swings and slide! I really liked rock climbing; I even got to the top! it was all for Wednesday because we were doing abseiling.
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When we got to school we got put into two groups and my group did clay making first while the other group did abseiling. Clay making was really fun, we got given a theme "wetlands" and I made a flower! after lunch we drove all the way to devils bridge and abseiled down a step massive rock.
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On Thursday we go to do safety drills at the aquatic centure. I had lots of fun doing the race of who could save their partner the fastest, Zeth and I won one race with the buckets. When we were dressed we had subway for lunch, I really enjoyed my subway, after lunch we went to steam punk and we had a look around at all the sculptures. We got into groups of four and got into a line and was waiting to go into the "Infinity Portal", When everyone had a go in the portal we all went outside and we had a go at making steam punk sculptures and the winners got a steam punk badge. Everyone was tired, so we walked back to school.
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Overall I had so much fun, I cant wait to go on year 7 camp!

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