Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Keeping ourselves safe

Zoe and Aroha are walking home from the dairy eating icecreams. Up ahead of them they notice an unfamiliar car parked at the side of the road. As they approach, a woman winds down the window and calls the girls over . Reluctantly the approached the car. "Hi girls. How are you today?" the lady asked "Were fine thanks," the girls replied. "They look like yummy icecreams. Your mum just called me to come and pick you up because she isn't feeling well" the lady said. Zoe and Aroha looked at each other and decided to run for it. They ran across the road and they quickly looked behind them and saw that the lady was getting out of her car and she started running towards them, they were sprinting in the direction of Zoe's house so they can be safe. They were about to run into Zoe's driveway but Zoe looked behind her and the lady wasn't to be seen, they started walking towards Zoe's front door but then a car drove past Zoe's house, the car looked very familiar; it was the lady in her car. Zoe and Aroha ran into the house and started shouting for Zoe's mum but she wasn't home. There was a knock on the door and the girls had no idea what to do they were frightened. Zoe told Aroha not to open the door but to lock it, Aroha didn't listen and opened the door; "Hello Girls" said Zoes mum "Hi" Aroha replied, Zoe was shocked she didn't even know what to say. Aroha told Zoe's mum what had happened, and Zoe's mum said she was at work and she got held back, so she wasn't home in time. Again there was a knock at the door Zoe's mum walked towards the door, and it was the lady saying that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding, and how she had no idea she scared the kids, "well, you didn't have to chase them" Zoe's mum said in a very serious voice; "Well...well... I JUST WANTED ICE CREAM!!!" the lady shouted, Zoe's mum slammed the door in the lady's face and locked the door. Zoe and Aroha are now safe. 

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