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Viola Vincent Reporting - Novel Studies

Chapter 1

This story starts off as the daily events of Caitlin, a young girl who lives with her Mum. Caitlin’s Mum is a divorced parent but is dating a man named Phil. In this Chapter Phil takes the mother and Caitlin on a bike ride, but with a dramatic twist Caitlin’s mother falls off her bike into a bush, after she got distracted. I think this will be a great book and I really like it.

Main Characters: Caitlin, the mum and Phil

None of the Characters really grabbed my attention, but I’m sure there will be more characters to introduce.

From reading the blurp on the back cover In the future chapters I think that Phil will attempt to kill Caitlin's mother and, the ghost is Caitlin's real father. I also think that the “Kick-Butt” reporter is Viola (the title gives this away)

Chapter 2

In this short chapter not a lot happened, they Introduced a few more characters.

Chapter 3

A policeman comes to Caitlin's house, to talk about the safety issues about the bike tracks. Caitlin's Granddad and Caitlin address the issue but they get told that the problem will be fixed.

Chapter 4

In this chapter Caitlin went to school and she found out that she’s has to do a research project, but she doesn't know who to do it on. Caitlin's friends try to convince Caitlin to do it on her Auntie Viola, The reporter.. At home Caitlin and her Granddad are discussing their mothers accident while they make Pizza.

Chapter 5

In this Chapter Again, nothing really happened, But Phil came over to talk about Caitlin's Mother, about the Bike accident. After Caitlin continues her day-to-day route.

Chapter 6

I don’t feel comfortable talking about this

Chapter 7

In this Chapter she goes to school and talks to her friends about tank tops. Caitlin finds out that she’s nominated for the class council list. Also Caitlin finds photo of her aunt Viola. But, Honestly I’m starting to wonder if this book is for kids

Chapter 8

Caitlin and her Granddad chat over scones, then her granddad goes to the supermarket to get some groceries. Suddenly a woman comes over and asks for a wheelbarrow, when Caitlin finds it she gets a chocolate brownie. Strangely her grandpa is angry with her. Caitlin also gets a diary from her aunt Viola, It has many stories’ about a mother who’s lost 3 babies.

Chapter 9
Caitlin enjoyed a day at the mall with her mum to buy Caitlin new winter shirts. They shopped in a women’s wear shop, In a emergency Caitlin had to go to the bathroom. During that day Caitlin was also nervous about talking her mother in her wheelchair and what people thought of her. But Once Caitlin forgot to put the brakes on her mother wheelchair when she was shopping, so Caitlin called her friend to try help.

Chapter 10
In this Chapter Caitlin goes to school feeling sick, because of her speech for student council. At the end of the day Caitlin talks to her granddad about the speech, and she’s proud that she got student council.

Chapter 11
During this chapter Caitlin found out that her mother won’t be working at Pinehaven anymore, Caitlin was sad to hear this because he mother as been working there for many years.

Chapter 12

In this chapter Caitlin was at a student council meeting, when it was her turn to talk at the meeting she paused and get really embarrassed.

Chapter 13

During Chapter 13 Caitlin goes to the movies with her friends, Brooke and Olivia. But with a awful twist Caitlin finds herself face-to-face with her enemy Ella. Also Caitlin's teacher is recommending taking her student counselor role to the next level.

Chapter 14

Not a lot happened in this chapter but Caitlin and Liam were talking about Caitlin's campaign about the girls bathroom (hygiene).

Chapter 15

Caitlin found a note from her mother saying that she went out with Sonya. Caitlin's campaign is caught notice by other students, and they start protecting, by using the teachers toilets And the teachers are forced to use the awful children bathrooms.

Chapter 16

Caitlin gets interviewed by a lady because of her student council campaign with the bathrooms.

Chapter 17

In this Chapter Caitlin starts planning her 13th birthday party and her mother is limiting her to 10 friends. Caitlin is also reading her aunt’s diary.

Chapter 18

Caitlin finds out how her father died, He died during the planning of his wedding and he only 19 years old.

Chapter 19

Caitlin And Megan meet up for hot chocolate, and they meet a man who starts telling stories about a bike accident, Caitlin is very interested because the handlebars broke like her mum’s accident.

Chapter 20

The Man gives Caitlin a receipt and Caitlin shows Phil the receipt, and Phil finds out that The business doesn't exist.

Chapter 21
Caitlin talks to her crush (Liam) to about him fixing her printer. When Caitlin returns home, Caitlin gets very rude to her mother.

Chapter 22

Caitlin is finally having her 13th birthday party and awkwardly Liam comes over to look at Caitlin’s printer, but Liam notices the other people there for her party so he offers to leave and come back another time. The next week Liam comes back and fixes the printer. Caitlin and Liam starts talking about the bike accident and Caitlin's talks about how much they need money, and Liam suggests to sue the man who sold the bike.

Chapter 23

Caitlin's Grandad is sick and in hospital with a disease called pneumonia. Caitlin contacted the city council about the bike accent, The woman tells Caitlin that they take bike safety very seriously.

Chapter 24
Caitlin and Liam are trying to sue the man who sold them the bike that caused Caitlin's mothers accident, but with no luck they continue their school days, until Liam finds out some very important information, but Caitlin gets angry at school, then Liam decides to not tell her.

Chapter 25

During this chapter Caitlin is still committed to find the guy who sold the bike. Her granddad tells her that he threw out the bike. Caitlin goes to Phil's house to find the bike and she explains what she is doing.

Chapter 26

In This chapter they found a little more about the bike man who sold them the bike. In this book I think that it changes scenes way to quickly, and it’s very confusing, so half the time in this chapter I was confused about what was going on.

Chapter 27
During this chapter Caitlin, her friends and Caitlin’s mum go to the zoo and they see many animal, one of the animals was a baboon. Caitlin’s friends talk about how the monkeys look like their teacher. Later on the girls laugh over their lunch.

Chapter 28
Finally there was an interesting chapter. Caitlin goes to a house, this house is no ordinary house though it belongs to to man who sold the bike, or maybe Caitlin just thinks that. Caitlin rudely goes in the house searching for bikes for proof, as soon as she finds the bikes she goes home just in time for her mother to tell her off for barging into someone's house.

At this point In this book I have noticed that it’s very confusing and it jumps scenes quickly.

Chapter 29
In this chapter Megan comes over to Caitlin's house to talk about them suing the bike selling man. But other than that nothing else happens

Chapter 30
Caitlin’s mother comes home, and she tells Caitlin about the new car she brought. Caitlin later gets a phone call from Megan the reporter asking if she want to help her write an article about the bike incident; Caitlin loves this idea, Megan tells Caitlin that she has to use a different name. As Caitlin is choosing a name she writes down her name and uses the same letters (Caitlin.V.Nove) she writes many names including Anne, Vivian and many others but Caitlin notices that her name is kind off similar to her aunts, Viola.

Chapter 31
On a Saturday morning Caitlin runs out early to get the mail and she reads her article, It says that Caitlin uses the name Viola Vincent so I’m assuming her Aunt isn't named Viola or she is using her name; But I think this is where the title comes into the story. Caitlin is so proud of herself until the story comes onto the news and it shows that the bike man is going to sue because of Caitlin, Caitlin starts crying.

Chapter 32
Caitlin goes to school just in time to have Liam laughing at her, she tells him to shush. Caitlin finds out that the man has no right to sue because the police found the bad bikes hidden in his house, To celebrate Caitlin, Rita (Her mother) and Phil go to a restaurant.

I think that the author was not very good I thought that they had jumped to scene to scene without talking about where they were at the time, I also think that the book was quite boring most of the time. They also had very interesting Chapters and very boring Chapters, I think that they should spread out the drama. I don’t recommend this book, but I think that this book is suited for 11 - 13 year old girls. The ending was also very predictable and cheesy. I think that the blurp gets you all excited for the book, but honestly it's very disappointing.

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