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Goosebumps Novel studies ~ INCLUDES SPOLIERS

Chapter 1
This Story starts as a summer with Sarah a girl who is very shy and an social. Sarah hates camp, but her brother on the other hand loves socialising and meeting people to joke around with. Sarah also gets the worst bed in her cabin.

Aaron (brother)

In this book I think that Sarah will meet a skeleton or ghost and the skeleton will watch her from the lake.

So far I am enjoying this book, Because lots has happened in just 1 chapter.

Chapter 2

Sarah is causing trouble with her bunkmates, because she got a horrible bunk. Sarah also meets a camp counselor he was trying to sort out the bunk argument. She is also worried that she set a wrong foot with her new roommates.

Chapter 3

Briana is the roommate that Sarah swapped bunks with, got really annoyed at Sarah for making them swap. Meg is one of the other roommate Sarah has to put up with, Meg is a chubbier girl and is very sensitive she snaps at Sarah when she accidently says the wrong thing to her. Jan was very nice to Sarah until she spills all her asthma pills out of her bag. Now Sarah is determined to get them on her good side.

Chapter 4
In this Chapter Sarah is at a campfire with the rest of the camp, she can see her brother laughing and her mean bunkmates laughing at her secretly. Suddenly Meg shouted at Sarah to run, Sarah was confused.

Chapter 5
The girls told Sarah that some boys threw fireworks into the fire and told her to run, eventually Sarah finds out that it was all a joke and all the campers started laughing at her. Aaron comes over and tells Sarah to shake it off and to laugh it off. Later on a camp counselor named LIz came and started talking about the camp water system rules, while Richard kept cracking jokes, this lasted about 30 mins.

Chapter 6

During this chapter Meg and Briana wanted to apologize for what they had done to Sarah, they asked if they could get a fresh start. Sarah agreed and said that would be a good idea; Until this good idea wasn't so good after all, Sarah felt something wiggly up her shirt.

I really am enjoying this book because lots happens in each chapter and it’s very interesting and relatable, I also like the characters and their personalities.

Chapter 7

Sarah whipped the snake out of her shirt and screamed Aaron ran over and asked if she was okay, and she ignored him, so Aaron just ran to catch up with his friends. Sarah took out her flashlight and aimed the bright yellow light at her feet and started walking back to her cabin. Sarah looked up and realized she got lost and she couldn't see the path she was meant to take. Sarah finds herself in Quicksand.

Chapter 8

Sarah found out that it was just mud. She saw lots of spiders in the mud; Those spiders gave her an idea, an idea to get Briana and Meg back for what they did. Sarah Grabbed some spiders and shoved them into the battery part of the flashlight, and ran back to her cabin. Sarah poured the spiders under the covers of Megs and Brianas bed. As Brianna and Meg Came into the Cabin laughing at Sarah, Sarah couldn't wait to find out what will happen next.

Chapter 9

Sarah started canoeing after breakfast, She got forced to go with Jan, and as they were paddling across the lake Sarah wondered if she could swim back to shore (because she isn't the best swimmer) But as she looked behind herself she noticed that Jan was standing up, and Sarah commanded Jan to sit down, but the only thing Jan said was “Goodbye, Sarah”. I’m not sure if Jan knows that Sarah isn't a good swimmer and Jan is trying to make her swim.

Chapter 10

In this chapter Jan complains to Sarah that she can't go to the 6 day canoe trip because everyone knows she has Asthma Sarah’s Boat gets flipped over because Jan jumped off it. Struggling to breath Sarah grabbed the boat and shouted for Jan, Yet no reply.

Chapter 11

Jan swam all the way to the camp to tell Liz and all the campers that Sarah tipped over the canoe, Liz swam to Sarah to tell her the water rules. Liz even hold a camp meeting to go over the water rules again. All the campers are now mad at Sarah.

I’m Really enjoying this relatable book.

Chapter 12

Sarah got angry at her brother, Aaron because he was acting more responsible, than how she was acting. In anger Sarah shoved her brother into the lake. This all started because she wanted to run away from camp.

Chapter 13

Sarah made a devious plan to “drown” herself, in chance of getting sympathy from the other campers. Sarah didn't tell Aaron though she knew he would tell Liz to get Sarah to stop. Sarah takes a deep breath; looks at the other campers laughing and goes under water.

I’m Dying to know what happens next

Chapter 14

In no luck Sarah struggles to breath, she is now really drowning. She sees bright yellow dots, and her back starts to burn; She slowly gets heavier and heavier. Sarah has drowned, and she can’t see anyone except yellow dots.

Chapter 15

Sarah manages to get out of the thick green water. She can’t see anyone in the water, So she goes through all the cabins but all the bags and trunks are gone. Everyone is gone; Until Sarah hears something, a voice, someone was singing. I high pitched voice sung in the distance.

Chapter 16

Sarah meets a ghostly girl, that demands Sarah to be her buddy. Sarah realizes that the blonde ghost girl is dead; That means Sarah is dead also. The blonde ghostly girl was singing the Camps song.

I think that the ghost is the person on the cover.

Chapter 17

Sarah realized that she did drown and she is in the heaven of the lake. Sarah attempts to run away from the faint ghost girl, she runs to the lake where she drowned and died and suddenly she can’t breathe and it’s just like when she drowned.

Chapter 18

Sarah sees white lights then she wakes up into the real world and liz is doing CPR on Sarah. Sarah hears Jan talking about her rudely but she ignores it because she’s just happy to be alive. Later that evening at the campfire Sarah sits down, but strangely someone is calling her Sarah looks around just to see Della, the Dead girl from when Sarah was “dead”.

Chapter 19

Sarah has made a plan to run away, but after she tells Aaron about Della he tells her that she’s just scared from the drowning accident.

I’m enjoying this book a lot, I think it’s interesting and unpredictable.

Chapter 20

Sarah was super happy after Briana and Jan apologized and agreed to start over there new friendship. Sarah went to bed with bright purple nails after their late night nail salon. But just as Sarah fell asleep she heard the ghost whispering her name.

Chapter 21

Sarah and Jan paired up for the swimming day, at first Sarah was not sure to pair with Jan after their last swimming activity. During their swimming Jan sped up in front of Sarah, but when Sarah called for her, she ignored. When Sarah finally caught up, Jan turned around to look at Sarah, but Jan's face did not belong to Jan. It was Della.

Chapter 22

Jan swam rapidly to get away from the ghost named Della. Sarah was frightened still, but when Sarah finally reached Liz’s boat. Liz was not there either it was still Della!

Chapter 23

After liz’s face returned to normal, Liz drove Sarah back to the shore. Sarah spoke to Richard about Della, but as she told him Sarah heard a sigh behind her, and of course it was Della. Sarah asked Richard if he could she Della, and he said he could.
Chapter 24

Richard was just joking around about that he could see Della, so he just told Sarah that sometimes brains make you see things like that, and that Sarah should try a difficult water sport so she will be concentrating so hard that she will forget about Della and all other ghosts.

Chapter 25

Sarah ignored Richards attempt to help Sarah’s ghost problem, After Richard left the room Sarah snapped and screamed “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” to Della, just in time to find Briana standing behind her. Briana was sad, because she thought Sarah was talking to her, and she was actually trying to be friends again. Later that week Aaron was telling Sarah not to call their parents because he was enjoying himself, Sarah realized it was a bad idea in the first place and she also realized that it was a bad idea to stay away from the water and everyone else, so Sarah took the challenge of going water skiing. Liz was happy that Sarah was giving it a go, so she showed her how to do it, and got all the water skiing gear for Sarah, and called the motorboat to come across the lake. Sarah carefully climbed onto the water skis and shouting “READY” to the motorboat driver. Sarah was waterskiing like a pro until she saw that the motorboat driver was Della, Sarah started screaming for someone to stop the boat, but Della ignored.

Chapter 26

Nothing happened in this chapter, but Sarah let go of the tug-boat rope and fell into the water, and realized that Della was going to try and run her over with the boat.

Chapter 27

Sarah tried to pull her life-vest off in chance of swimming under the boat. She couldn't get it off, first but then after a while it slipped off and she dived under the boat, but she thought that the blades sliced off her head.

Chapter 28

Sarah waited for the pain, but then she realized that it was the life-vest that got sliced, Sarah was so pleased with herself when she swam to shore. Sarah quickly decided to run away through the forest. But before she could she bumped into Briana, Sarah told her where she was going, Briana just said “Good luck”

Chapter 29

Sarah started running through the forest until she runs into Della, Della tells Sarah that she didn’t die from drowning, but she died from snakes in the forest that she’s now in, Sarah is confused because Della made Sarah scared of the water, because Della knew she would run into the forest in attempt to escape. Della controls snakes to wrap up Sarah's legs, Until Briana comes and protects Sarah saying that that Della tried to kill her last year. Until Briana stopped Della, and Briana came back to camp just to warn the next girl. Della falls off the tree branch she was sitting on and disappears. Briana looks at Sarah, Sarah was so happy that Della was gone, that she hugged Briana, but Sarah couldn't feel Briana, her hands just went right through her. It turns out Briana is a ghost also.


I thought this was a great book, it’s an easy read and it’s not difficult. I recommend this book for ages between 10-15 and for both genders. This book grabs your attention and makes you turn the next page, I also think that the characters are relatable and fun to read.

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