Thursday, 3 November 2016

Creative story

Diary entry 2.2.16
If you searched “basic” or “standard” in the dictionary, google or even yahoo if you’re that desperate, you would find an embarrassing photo of me, Dylan Marten. I’m not saying I hate my life, don’t get me wrong I love my life, I have everything I need, parents, food, water, education ETC. My friends are great, they aren't dramatic and petty. I guess you could call me your average, blonde haired and blue eyed kid.  It’s just sometimes I wish I had an more interesting life. I know i’m fortunate and all, but ya know I just wish.
Oh! I almost forgot, my birthday is coming up! I’m kinda excited :) I wonder what my parents are getting me! They always make it a big surprise, you will never see it coming! I hope they know that I want, a PS4. Imagine me, Dylan Marten a PS4 owner. Just in case they don’t know I'll drop some hints.

Today is my birthday! Hip hip hooray for me! I’m just about to go down stairs and see what I got. I’ll be back soon.
-91 min later-
Okay, I’m back. Guess what my mum got me, A pet…    ROCK! I think my mum is serious about this whole rock thing, but I’m praying it’s a massive joke. Also, there’s no PS4 :’( but luckily we are going to Mcdonald's, I prefer KFC but i’m not going to push it.

-3 hours later-
I was just at Mcdonalds and my mum made me bring the rock, I named it Pete :) But as we were about to open the door another family walked behind us. My dad embarrassingly pushed the pull door! So I had to open the door. I’m still a kid, so when my parents ordered I ran and played in the plastic tubes, I ran up and down the slides and steps. After a while I decided to go out and eat. Suddenly I realized Pete was missing, I ran back into the tubes and started my search party. Luckily I found him before my panic attack, I think I was starting to tolerate the rock. I picked him up from near the plastic fingerprinted, window where I must've left him. He stared at me with his big googly eyes. Now that I think about it, He is kinda cute.

And that’s the tale of Dylan and Pete the rock :)

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