Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Character description - 29 story tree house

The 26 Story Treehouse
By Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths

This incredibly funny story is about the crazy adventures in their massive tree house. The main Character’s are the two boys who live in the treehouse, Andy and Terry and a girl named Jill. This is the book after “The 13 storey treehouse” but this book is kind of the pre sequel because it’s talking about the characters back story before they lived in the treehouse.
The goofie illustrator who has crazy and mad ideas for anything that comes in his way. He is not the brightest in fact Andy has a list of the most stupidest things he has ever done, even in the 26 story treehouse he does some beyond idiotic activities; he feed his underpants to the sharks.

As a child Terry would always have to listen to his parents, his parents where very cautious of him so they left him a padded room and his food was mushed up in a cup and he had to sit in a padded chair with a seatbelt attached to it, even his underpants were inflatable in case of an emergency!. witch came in handy when there was a fire in his apartment and since he lived at the very top of an apartment building he was trapped, and his only choice was to jump out of his window and he quickly pulled the cord off his underpants and he drifted of to safety. But unfortunately he landed in a river, that made him drift off to sea. But that's where he meet Andy in a swan paddle boat and they paddled off.


The spontaneous writer who loves Ice cream A LOT and Andy is slightly smarter than Terry, he also likes his 29 story tree house he found.

Andy ran away from his family and was running away from some pirates who made the treehouse Andy stole; Andy was running all around town until Andy jumped on a paddle boat and went out to sea and meet Terry and saved him, together they found a pirate ship.

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