Sunday, 23 August 2015

the rich & the poor

the rich & the poor
have you notice that rich people can NEVER have enough gadgets and clothes (etc) but they never realize that the most important things are so valuable that even the fancy shops don’t sell them.

poor people are happier than rich people because, poor people have nothing to cling onto, but rich people do because they think what they have is never enough, When really its more than they need. The poor are happy for what they have and and more thankful even though they might have not got the latest Iphone, and the rich just keeps gaining on stuff they don’t need to make them “Happy”, when all they actually want is stuff for them self to look better. Money can’t buy happiness and it certainly can’t buy you love, but to the rich, love and happiness doesn't matter to them, but all the poor can think about is life, happiness and how they will FIND food and water for them to live.

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