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Fantastic Mr Fox- Chapter Summaries

Fantastic Mr. Fox
by Roald Dahl
Novel Study by: Georgia Fox

CHAPTER 1: This first chapter is just the intro it just said what three of the chartours are like, these three characters are farmers their names are “ Boggis” which is the fat chicken farmer, “Bunce” which is the dwarf duck and goose farmer and “Bean” the turkey and apple farmer.

Personal Response: It’s just the farmer info on what they look like, what their names are and what their jobs are.

CHAPTER 2: “Boggis,Bunce and Bean” make a plan, their plan is to hide outside the Foxes hole and their plan was to kill Mr. fox, Mrs fox and their four children.

Personal Response: In this chapter “Boggis,Bunce and Bean” just make up their plan

CHAPTER 3: Mr. Fox is hunting dinner for his wife and children, Mr Fox decides to get two chickens one for him and his wife and another for his four children. “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” are trying to shoot Mr fox so Mr. fox doesn't steal their chickens geese and turkeys.

Personal Response: In this book I’m getting into the book, I’ts giving me a clear picture in my mind of what the foxes look like and what “Boggis,Bunce and Bean” look like.

CHAPTER 4: “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” got shovels and start digging the foxes hole that they lived in. Mr fox heard that the shovels were coming so the foxes started digging their hole deeper so they won’t get killed by the farmers.

Personal Response: It was alright it was adding that extra info the reader needed for the clear picture in my mind.

CHAPTER 5: “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” are digging the hole, they had a idea to get tractors and make them dig the hole for them, so they can get the foxes and since they got the tractors the hole will get deeper faster. Although the foxes are smart they think that the tractors digging is an earthquake; they keep digging, the foxes tunnel gets shorter and they can see daylight.

Personal Response: This chapter is alright because they just got tractors and the foxes thought that the sound was an earthquake.

CHAPTER 6: The tractors were still digging on the hill; the foxes were still digging too. The hill, it got shorter and shorter. Soon the hill was no longer a hill it was almost flat. while the tractors were digging, a crowd of people came along and laughed. “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” got annoyed and determined to get the foxes.

Personal Response:  In this chapter the tractors were still digging up the hill. That is all they did, it was kind of boring because it said “this is what the hill looked at 3:00 pm, and this is what the hill looked like at 5:30 pm” it was just pictures with what time it was.

CHAPTER 7: “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” got out of the tractors because they had enough; and they all looked in the hole and “Bunce was cursing the fox with dirty words that could not be printed”. They tried to think of an idea; their idea was to watch the hole all night and see if they would come out because the foxes would get hungry.

Personal Response: In this chapter the author was adding small detail to the story to make it get a clear picture in my mind, and that is what happened.

CHAPTER 8: “Boggis,Bunce and Bean” get in their tractors because they realise that the foxes will dig a hole on the other side and escape without them noticing. “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” get together and ask how many men do they have working on their farm, “Boggis” has thirty five “Bunce” has thirty six  and “Bean” has thirty seven. altogether they have one hundred and eight men.

Personal response: In this chapter nothing really happend again and it was just adding the little detail to the story

CHAPTER 9: “Boggis,Bunce and Bean” are desperately needing the foxes to come out because it has been three days and three nights. In the mean-while the foxes are starving, so Mr. fox had thought of a plan; his plan was to keep digging…

Personal response: I enjoyed this chapter because it has left me hanging at the end by not saying what the plan was.

CHAPTER 10: in this chapter the foxes are still digging and digging and digging till they reach a floorboard and it lead right up to “Boggis’s” chicken coup! there are thousands of chickens for the foxes to eat! they are so happy!

Personal Response: In this chapter it was quite interesting because at first it was just the foxes digging at then they ended up in the chicken coup!

CHAPTER 11: One of the little foxes brought three plump chickens to his or her mrs fox, mr fox thought she was dreaming at first until the little fox said that she wasn't and it was reality! She was filled with joy.

Personal Response: This chapter was short but interesting! “dont judge a chapter by its length”.

CHAPTER 12: the foxes are digging; they are extending their tunnel and then a deep voice comes out of the top of their tunnel, it's a badger, mr fox seems to know him; but I as the reader has no idea who he is or if he was in the other Roald Dahl books.

Personal Response: I think that it should say where the badger came from and who is he and how does he know mr fox; but it will hopefully say in future chapter.

CHAPTER 13: The foxes and the badger are digging at a great pace and they dig and dig until they reach wooden floor bored and they open it up and they are shocked about how many duck and geese there are! There is thousands and thousands! They are taking loads back to their home.

Personal Response: I think a lot of things happened in this chapter and it was very interesting and exciting to know what happens and i really want to know what happens in the end.

CHAPTER 14: in this chapter all that happens is communication.

Personal Response: I think more should of happened in this book.

CHAPTER 15: Lots of things happened in this chapter! They found “Bunces” cider house! They are drinking all the cider they can fit in their mouthes! Untill…. large footsteps are coming down the stairs. It’s a woman, large and looks tough! This chapter left me hanging.

Personal Response: I enjoy cliffhangers at the end of a chapter! I’m so glad this happened.

CHAPTER 16:  The woman has a rolling pin and she knows someone is there and she's talking too. I think the woman is Mrs bean because the foxes are in Mr beans house; I think she is talking to Mr Bean, at the end of the conversation a rat appears.

Personal Response: I’m at the edge of my seat of what's going to happen at the end.

CHAPTER 17: In this chapter mr fox, all the little foxes and badger were coming home with one bottle of cider each! When they returned home rabbits, weasels, badgers and moles were all around a table starving! They start eating all the food they collected.

Personal Response: I've enjoyed this chapter because it's exciting and different then all the other chapters.

CHAPTER 18: This chapter was very short, “Boggis, Bunce and Bean” are still waiting saying to themselves “It shouldn't be long now…”

Personal Response: This book was exciting and different and a great cliffhanger.

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