Thursday, 4 June 2015

My long weekend

On my long weekend I went to Nisha's Birthday Party at the Oamaru club, I had lots of fun and we went to the Gardens and did a very tiring treasure hunt. It was tiring because of all the running we did. At the end of the treasure hunt we walked back to the Oamaru club. What was waiting for us was a multi colored llama pinata, and first Nisha went first and she put the blind fold on and grabbed the wooden stick and whacked the Rainbow llama and a few lollies fell out, then Jessika had her turn and hit the pinata and a few more lollies fell out, then it was my turn! I hit the pinata and only 1 or 2 lollies fell out; sadly. But then it was Dawns turn as Dawn hit the pinata she hit a tree instead and broke the wooden stick, but she still got lots of lollies! at the end of the pinata there was a broken stick, a bush full of lollies and my pockets were full of fruit bursts and milkshakes! After we had lunch and ice cream sundaes, they were so good, because they had chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate hail! Everything was amazing but when I couldn't burp and when I felt so lazy from all the lollies and the lunch, but other than that is was the BEST PARTY EVER! 

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