Sunday, 28 June 2015

Science Investigation

For my science investigation I worked with my cousin Nina and we investigated balloon powered cars. For each test we changed how many breaths we blew into the balloon, we also timed how many seconds it took for the balloon to run out of air. As you can see, the highest score on 3 breaths is 4:00 seconds, and the lowest score for 3 breaths is 2:73 seconds. On 2 breaths the highest is 3:02 seconds and the lowest for 2 breaths is 2:49 seconds. For 1 breath the highest score is 1:53 seconds and the lowest is 1:30 seconds. We did 5 tests for each breath change to make it a fair investigation. In the photos you can see that on the side it has the time/seconds so on the 3 breaths one (the blue bars) it goes up to 4:00 down to 2:60. On the 2 breaths and 1 breath one (green and purple bars) that it goes up to 3:00 and down to 1:30 seconds. For the average for 3 breaths it would be 3:30 seconds, 2 breaths would be 2:40 seconds, and for 1 breath it would be 1:40 seconds. These results showed us that the more breaths blown into the balloon, the further the car would travel.

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